About us

Claridock is an early-stage start-up with headquarters in Finland

We have a history of working with large amounts of data and building web-based products. We have a particular love for products with network effects.

Previously we have built software to manage shipments called Cargodock.io

Our founder and CEO - Slobodan Stanic has been active in the Finnish start-up community and has been building tech products for over a decade.


We want to bring transparency to international trade, improve workflows, and cut down on waste and co2 emissions

Claridock is providing the platform and tools needed to improve communication, planning, and managing of the shipments which essentially will cut down the waste and save time.

In perishables, time is of the essence and we are reducing the time needed for companies to get to market and close deals.

When planning out the shipment we want to provide the greenest shipping option and help cut down co2 emissions.

How do we get the data?

We are fetching the data from multiple sources across the web. One of the main starting points are sources like customs data, certification databases, social networks, fairs, etc.

We are going through multiple steps of enriching the data and connecting the dots to provide maximal value. Some of the techniques of processing the data include for example Machine Learning.

The companies that take over their profile get the opportunity to improve their profiles even further and take control of their stock for example.


You are viewing right now early version of the platform. We have long list of improvements comming to the platform in the upcoming weeks.

Some of the upcoming features include:

  • Advanced search
  • Shipment cost and co2 emission estimator
  • Integrating companies with the latest news insights
  • Listing / Classifieds
  • Find Freight Forwarder for route
  • AI powered recommendations
  • Many aditional commodity categories